How To Get The Best Custom Header Cards For Your Business

Last updated on February 20th, 2024

Every business wants its products to be a hit. But how do you actually do that? How can you draw customers in and make them a fan of your product? The first step is to make your product appealing enough to grab the customers’ attention. The most important factor is the product packaging. Thousands of products compete for attention on retail shelves, and oftentimes, it is the packaging that can invite a customer to pick up a product. Packaging conveys a lot more information about your product and brand than you might think. Poor packaging indicates to the customers that the product is low quality or cheap. It is, therefore, essential that your packaging serves to create a positive brand image.

When it comes to choosing a packaging style, it can be confusing to choose among the various ways of packaging products. Your choice has to be practical, durable, and economical. One of the most convenient and cost-effective packaging choices is custom header cards. Known also as bag toppers, header cards are ideal for lightweight products and can be customized in various ways. Header cards are made of printed cardboard that is folded along the middle and attached to a bag. It works well with poly bags, jute bags, cloth bags, etc. The custom printed header card seals the bag to keep the products inside secure and fresh.

Header cards cover only part of the bag so it serves to advertise your brand while also giving the customers a clear look into the product inside. If you’re a new business owner or just launching a new product, header cards can be the ideal packaging choice as you won’t have to make a very large investment. It doesn’t require complex assembly or large storage space. It can give a professional look to your products with minimum effort. From baked goods to handmade jewelry, header cards make for a great packaging choice for smart entrepreneurs.

Custom Header Cards

How To Get The Best Custom Header Cards For Your Business

So you’ve decided to go with custom header cards packaging? Great! But how do you ensure that your header cards do the job of boosting your brand image and drawing customers in? Well, choosing header cards as your packaging of choice is only the first step. The next step is to customize it for your brand. While a poor design can be off-putting for customers, a well-designed header card can be the very thing that makes your product a success. Here are our top tips to help you create the perfect header cards for your business. Are you ready? Let’s go!

  • Use the right size for your header card

Header cards are highly customizable. They are available in a number of standard sizes and can also be printed to match your size requirements. It is important to make sure that your header card is just the right size for your bag. A little too small or too big a header card can send all your effort down the drain as it leaves a poor impression on the customer even if you have a good design otherwise. Take your measurements before finalizing your order to ensure there are no sizing mistakes.

  • Select your header card material

Technically header cards can be made with any type of paperboard, but the most recommended materials include cardboard and Kraft paper. Cardboard material is best if you plan on using a more detailed or intricate design. It is recyclable. Kraft paper gives a unique look to your header cards with its distinctive brown color. Certain kinds of illustrations look great on Kraft paper. Make sure to discuss your preferred design before ordering. Kraft paper is made from recycled paper so it is a more sustainable choice.

  • Colors speak

It is no secret that different colors elicit different emotions in viewers. Successful brands use this fact to their advantage. When you’re designing your header card, consider your product and think about how you want your potential customers to feel when they look at your product. Then decide which color scheme best aligns with your goal. The right color puts your product in the right frame.

Custom Header Cards

  • Keep it simple

Header cards do not offer the most real estate in terms of design and they cover only part of the product bag. So it is important to utilize the space wisely. Try to keep your design simple and elegant to make the most impact. If the design is too busy it might even draw attention away from it. Keep a balance in your design elements.

  • Add inspiring copy

Creative copywriting can go a long way in helping your brand image. It is an opportunity to tell your brand story. Make sure you tell it right with a clear and crisp copy.

  • Decorate your borders

You can try adding a border on your header card. It can provide a nice framing effect to your design. Or you can skip a border and decorate only the corners. Experiment with different styles and see what works best for your brand.

  • Use the right imagery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Using the right image on your header card can effectively convey your brand image. Make sure your imagery reflects your brand or your product well.

Perhaps the most important design element to add to your header card is your brand name and logo. If you don’t have a logo, spend some time designing one. You can also hire a designer to do the job for you. It will be an investment in your business’s future. Your logo is what makes your brand recognizable and builds your identity.

  • Provide contact information

It may not seem important but adding your contact information, which can be your company email, will help you get feedback from customers. Your customers might have some very valuable suggestions for your product. Make sure they know how to contact you. You can add it on the backside of the header card.

  • Try adding a signature

If you want your brand to stand out, you may consider adding a signature on your header card. This is a simple way to add a personal touch to your design.

  • Create a theme

If you have multiple product lines or different flavors or styles of products you might consider creating a theme for different product lines. Even if you start out with just one product it is wise to create a design that can be applied to new products down the line with slight variations in color etc.

  • Choose a hole punch

There are a couple of standard hole punch options to choose from. The standard round hole punch and the sombrero punch. The function of the hole punch is to allow the product to be hung from a display hook. Your choice may depend on the type of display hook type. A Sombrero hole is more versatile and can also hang on wider hooks.

Custom Header Cards

  • Add a special finishing touch

A special finish can elevate your header card design. You can choose from a number of finishing styles like emboss, deboss, metallic foiling, and aqueous coating. You can highlight your brand logo and name with a special finish. You can also choose between a glossy, matte, or soft-touch finish for the entire header card. A special finish adds a sensory appeal to the product, increasing its overall appeal.


Creative custom header cards can help build your brand recognition and boost sales. They serve to make your products stand out in a crowded shop where countless products are competing for attention. Paying attention to various design elements and choosing the right size and material for your header card will help create an attractive header card that will do wonders for your business. Be sure to follow our guidelines to create the best header cards for your brand.

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