Custom Boxes for Product Packaging

Promote your brand with custom printed boxes tailored in unique designs, innovative styles, and durable materials for your product packaging and shipping needs.

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Custom Boxes for Product Packaging
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Custom Packaging Boxes for All Industries

Browse our ideal packaging boxes for multiple industries to fit your brand needs.

Custom Retail Boxes

Make your retail products stand out by choosing from various custom retail boxes.

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Retail Boxes

Custom Food Boxes

Preserve and protect your food items by storing them in customized food boxes.

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Food Packaging

Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Designed specifically for your cosmetic products to protect them from the environment.

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Cosmetic Boxes

Custom CBD Boxes

Protect your cannabis products from environmental impacts by choosing durable CBD boxes.

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CBD Packaging

Custom E-commerce Packaging Boxes

Store and deliver your e-commerce products in durable and lightweight packaging.

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E-commerce Boxes

Custom Candle Boxes

Showcase your candle sticks and jars in eco-friendly candle boxes.

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Candle Boxes
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Custom Packaging Box Styles

Pick the perfect box style to match your product needs.

Custom Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom Boxes

Ideal for skin care products and makeup kits

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Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom

Custom Straight Tuck End Boxes

Suitable for presenting personal care and beauty products

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Straight-tuck end Box

Custom Reverse Tuck End Boxes

Provide secure closure for cosmetic products

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Reverse Tuck End

Custom Tray and Sleeve Boxes

Perfect for elegant presentation of beauty products

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Tray And Sleeve Box

Custom Two-Piece Boxes

Commonly used for luxury skincare products and perfumes

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Two piece Box

Custom Display Boxes

Enhance branding and is used for shelf display of makeup items

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Display Box
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Custom Packaging Box Materials

Choose from a variety of durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly materials.


Compressed paper pulp material mostly used in product packaging

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Cardboard Material Packaging Boxes

Corrugated Fiberboard

Three-layered cardboard sheet for maximum strength during shipping

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Corrugated Fiber Board Material Packaging Boxes

Card Stock

Heavy-duty, thick paper material best for crafting and printing

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Cardstock Material Packaging Boxes


Natural brown color cardboard material for packaging

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Kraft Material Packaging Boxes


Thick, versatile paper-based material used in packaging and printing

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Paper board Material Packaging Boxes


Sturdy paper pulp material for added strength

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Rigid Material Packaging Boxes

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What is a Custom Packaging Box?

A custom packaging box is a type of folding carton made from paperboard material in the desired design, shape, and style to package, store, and ship products safely while promoting the brand.

The process of making custom boxes involves printing, lamination, cutting, folding, and then gluing. Printing methods to design custom boxes include offset printing, digital printing, and screen printing in order to display product information and promote the brand.

Custom boxes come in many innovative styles such as mailer, straight tuck end, flip-top, and display according to the product packaging requirements.

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What Are the Types of Custom Boxes?

The types of custom boxes include corrugated boxes, display boxes, and shipping boxes based on material, style, and use case.

The most popular types of custom packaging boxes are given below:

  1. Custom folding cartons: Lightweight boxes used for a variety of retail products, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals,  and electronics.
  2. Custom display boxes: Paper-based packaging containers designed to organize and showcase your products for enhanced product and brand visibility.
  3. Custom mailer boxes: Self-assembling packaging containers suitable for e-commerce and subscription services to store and ship products safely.
  4. Custom corrugated boxes: Strong and durable boxes made of corrugated fiberboard for packaging and shipping heavy items.
  5. Custom food packaging boxes: Paper-based packaging containers that preserve the quality and freshness of food items, often used by restaurants, bakeries, and food delivery services.
  6. Custom subscription boxes: Personalized boxes that provide subscription-based services, featuring design and branding elements to enhance the unboxing experience.
  7. Custom shipping boxes: Durable boxes designed for storing and shipping products, so they remain safe during transit.

The most common types of custom packaging boxes are mailer boxes, corrugated cartons, and shipping containers due to their popular demand in the packaging industry for storing and shipping products.

What Industries Use Custom Boxes for Packaging Their Products?

The industries that use custom boxes for packaging and shipping products are given below:

  • The retail industry uses custom retail boxes to enhance product visibility on retail shelves and prevent damage during shipping.
  • The food industry uses custom food boxes to store, present, and deliver food items while keeping them fresh.
  • The cosmetic industry uses custom cosmetic boxes to store, present, and ship cosmetic and beauty products safely.
  • The CBD industry uses custom CBD boxes to pack, store, brand, and ship CBD products while keeping them safe from environmental changes.
  • The candle industry uses custom candle boxes to pack, store, present, and ship candles by keeping them safe from environmental changes.
  • The games and sports industry uses custom game boxes to store, organize, and market games by keeping their components safe.

What Materials Are Custom Boxes Made Of?

Custom boxes are made from different sustainable materials that are listed below:

  • Corrugated fiberboard
  • Cardboard
  • Kraft paper
  • Card stock
  • Paperboard
  • Rigid

The cardboard material is preferred for storing and shipping products safely because it is lightweight, eco-friendly, and affordable.

The cover paper materials like solid color, custom printed, foil, laminated, embossed, matte and gloss papers are used to enhance your product packaging as they can easily be printed, embossed, or textured.

You can personalize your custom packages with a variety of materials according to your product preferences.

What Styles Do Custom Boxes Come In?

Custom boxes come in a range of innovative styles listed below:

  • Mailer
  • Regular slotted carton
  • Half slotted carton
  • Straight tuck end
  • Reverse tuck end
  • Tray and sleeve
  • Flip-top
  • Gable
  • Display
  • Single-piece
  • Two-piece
  • Die-cut

The most commonly used styles of custom boxes are mailers, regular slotted cartons, and display boxes. You can pick from these styles or customize your product packaging according to your product requirements.

What Printing Methods Can Be Used for Custom Boxes?

Printing methods that can be used for custom boxes are listed below:

  • Digital printing
  • Flexographic printing
  • Screen printing
  • Foil printing
  • Inkjet printing
  • Rotogravure
  • Lithography
  • Offset printing
  • Laser printing
  • Letterpress printing
  • 3D Printing

You can choose from the above-mentioned printing techniques or personalize your boxes to promote your brand.

What Are Custom Boxes Used For?

Custom boxes are used for storing, organizing, displaying, and shipping products safely while promoting the brand.

Storage and Organization:

The main purpose of packaging is to store and organize products to keep them safe from physical damage and environmental factors. We offer durable custom boxes with custom inserts and compartments to hold the products strictly by restricting their movement.


Custom boxes are a powerful tool to market and brand products in order to promote brand recognition and loyalty. Custom boxes highlight your product and brand by displaying logos, graphics, and typography in the box design while featuring interactive elements like NFC tags and QR codes to engage customers.


Custom boxes are used as a display to showcase the products effectively, often at the point of sale, to attract customer attention and boost sales. In retail settings, they are used at checkout counters, standalone units, and window displays to present high-end products effectively.


Custom boxes are used for packing products to protect them from physical damage and environmental factors like heat, air, and moisture during shipping and transport. High-quality packaging ensures the protection of products against breakage if dropped or crushed. Our custom boxes are made from durable and sturdy materials like corrugated fiberboard to provide that protection.

Shipping and Transportation:

Custom boxes are mainly used for shipping and transporting products so they reach their destination safely and securely. Custom boxes minimize movement by strictly holding the products to reduce the risk of damage during transit.

Our custom boxes reduce shipping costs by optimizing the space with custom made sizes to fit the products perfectly.

What Are the Benefits of Using Custom Boxes for Your Brand?

The benefits of using custom boxes for your brand are increased product protection, enhanced brand recognition, and improved customer experience. Custom boxes are an environment-friendly and cost-effective option to make your product stand out through tailored and versatile packaging. 

Some benefits of using custom boxes are given below:

1. Product Protection

Custom boxes offer enhanced protection in packing, displaying, and shipping products. Our custom boxes have built-in security features including locking mechanisms and tamper-evident seals to keep the products safe from pressure during storage and shipping. We offer inserts and compartments in our custom boxes to store and organize high-value items in order to reduce their risk of damage during transit.

2. Brand Recognition

Custom boxes play a vital role in brand recognition by featuring unique brand elements such as colors, logos, imagery, and typography in the box design. Our custom box design reflects brand identity by incorporating product information and specific guidelines according to the standard packaging regulations.

3. Brand Differentiation

Custom packaging boxes differentiate your brand from competitors by building brand identity through personalized designs, styles, and materials. Our custom boxes are made from durable and eco-friendly materials in unique designs to make your packaging recognizable and attract potential buyers.

4. Customer Experience

Custom boxes create a positive first impression by making the products stand out through unique box designs. The first thing that affects a customer and drives them to buy the product is the visual appeal of the product package. Our custom boxes feature unique designs, styles, and materials to grab the attention of buyers and build their trust.

5. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Custom boxes made from sustainable materials reduce environmental impact and resonate with eco-conscious consumers. Our custom boxes are eco-friendly because they are made from recyclable materials like kraft paper and card stock to help reduce waste in the form of carbon footprint and preserve the environment.

How To Design Custom Boxes for Product Packaging?

To design custom packaging boxes you should know the purpose of your packaging and then choose from various materials, styles, and designs to make an appealing custom box.

A five step guide to designing custom boxes is given below:

  1. Determine the primary purpose of your custom box, whether it is for branding, storing, or shipping.
  2. Choose durable and eco-friendly materials for your custom boxes.
  3. Select a style that best suits the size, shape, and weight of the product it is going to hold.
  4. Incorporate your brand logo, graphics, fonts, or any other design elements that reflect your brand identity.
  5. Add user-friendly features like custom inserts, compartments, and holders for the convenience and safety of your product.

You can design a custom box by following this step-by-step guide to protect your product and enhance your brand presentation.

What Products Can Be Stored in Custom Boxes?

Custom boxes can store a variety of products like apparel, toys, cosmetics, medicines, appliances, food, and beverages in the retail, pharmaceutical, electronics, food, and beverage industries. Custom boxes can be made in various shapes and styles to fit the products and preserve their quality while enhancing the brand.

Are Custom Boxes Moisture-Resistant?

Yes, custom boxes made from cardboard are moisture-resistant if they are laminated and coated with varnish to protect the products. Varnish acts as a protective barrier on the surface of the box, making it less permeable to moisture in order to preserve the quality and integrity of the products.

Are Paper Custom Boxes Better Than Other Types of Custom Packaging?

Paper custom boxes are better than plastic, glass, or metal as they are lightweight, eco-friendly, cost-effective, and can be customized in different designs, styles, and materials.

Paper materials like cardboard, kraft, and card stock are biodegradable and can be recycled to reduce carbon emissions with less environmental impact.

Are Paper Custom Boxes Recyclable?

Yes, paper custom boxes are recyclable to reduce waste and conserve resources by turning them into new paper products. However, verifying local recycling guidelines is important to ensure proper disposal and recycling procedures for paper custom boxes.

How Can I Buy Custom Boxes at Wholesale Rates?

You can buy custom boxes at wholesale rates from top custom product packaging suppliers like We offer different pricing plans for resellers and designers to personalize custom boxes in various designs, shapes, sizes, and materials. 

For further details, contact our support or call +1 (800) 980-0269.

How Much Do Custom Boxes Cost?

A basic custom box costs around $0.25 to $1 per box, while a custom box with comprehensive design, advanced printing techniques, or premium material can cost around $5 to $10 per box or more. However, the cost of custom boxes can vary depending on several customization factors such as box size, material, design, and quantity with additional design features like printing or finishing.

For precise cost, request a quote at according to your specific custom box requirements.

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