How Custom Mailer Packaging Boxes Help To Boost Your E-Commerce Sales?

Last updated on February 20th, 2024

I am watching a new era of online sales in America. And I think the new history of US purchasing trends will be written in the contexts of pre-pandemic and post-pandemic. Soon we will forget personal shopping practices. Amazon has already made us addicted to ordering online. If you like the product and get it by the same day; why would you need to bring out your car, drive through the city, and wander in the malls?

eBay store hubs, Etsy shops, Flipkart, and online buying portals like Shopify have become our new lifestyle trends. suggests that worldwide online retail business is expected to reach up to $27 Trillion by 2020. This is a huge mammoth amount!

E-commerce packaging has become an indispensable requirement for entrepreneurs, new start-ups, and all businesses. Various kinds of stuff in custom mailer subscription boxes are a big sign of how much online retail shopping we are doing. See in your daily lives; today if we need meat, we get it through custom meat subscription boxes. If we need personalized costumes; we acquire them through customized apparel boxes. It is a lengthy list of subscription shipping boxes; custom cosmetic boxes, custom book boxes, custom bracelets boxes, custom jewelry boxes, and a gigantic range of custom gift boxes are there for you. How all the products are shipped? Custom two-piece boxes are also used. But how the custom mailer shipping boxes have surpassed the e-commerce packaging solutions; is phenomenal.

As you have read in my previous blog; I was preparing a draft for mailer packaging boxes. So, this is the blog for you; I have tried to gather all the key features of the best mailer shipping boxes for you. I will highlight the needed particulars of them. Because we have experienced that these are the best retail-ready packaging boxes right now we have. So, why should I confuse you by writing for numerous other styles of boxes? You don’t need them. What is best for you; I am writing about that. The following contents can help you to boost online businesses and sales; just by custom-made mailer packaging! Let’s first see some of the FAQs, then, we will proceed further.

First, we should have an idea, of what is a mailer packaging box. The mailer box is a paperboard packaging encasement. It is manufactured to store and ship the products. And do you know which is the top feature of mailer boxes? You don’t need any adhesive or tape to fold or close it. Its side locks fulfill the job adequately.

As aforementioned, I could not find a more better and affordable packaging box for you than the mailers. So, now see some of its manufacturing steps below.

How To Make Custom Mailer Boxes?

There was a time; I used to rate two-piece boxes as the easiest-to-use boxes. But now mailer packaging boxes have proven all the indicators wrong. You can assemble them with just your thumbs and two fingers. Handy box fixtures can also be used to construct them. Just tuck the side locks in the front wall of the box. Close it. Ship it. Simple! What are the essential steps to look for before buying printed mailer boxes? Have a look at the following steps.


Step 1: Material Selection

Before deciding about the packaging boxes, you have to critically analyze the product. Is it a Book, electronic gadget, food, or any other appliance? See its physical appearance, material, and dimensions. If you have some handmade crafts; these are usually lightweight. You don’t need durable corrugated mailer packaging boxes for them. Simple cardstock/cardboard mailer boxes will be enough.

If it is a decoration piece i.e. a flower vase, a photo frame, or any delicate handicraft then the corrugated stock is for you.

Custom cardboard mailer boxes are leading in the whole packaging sphere. Every second retailer wants them. I have also seen at Packhit, that most of our clients when contacting us; are totally new in packaging. Usually, they are startups or come with very little idea of material knowledge. And they mix many of the stock terms with each other. They call it a custom cardboard mailer box or personalized corrugated box. Well, it is not their fault. It is our job to educate and guide them toward the right terminologies and appropriate solutions.

I had talked about the real difference between cardstock/cardboard and corrugated boxes in one of my previous blogs; How corrugated boxes support the retail industry? You can read a bit of detailed explanation at that place. Right now; I can tell you that cardstock is relatively a thin material. But when it is co-pasted with corrugated stock then it becomes the best option that you can have right now. You can use these boxes for all types of retail-ready packaging and shipping.

This combination is the best choice for your custom cosmetics boxes, custom bakery boxes, custom CBD boxes, custom candle boxes, shirt boxes, toy boxes, and name it! Though custom magnetic closure boxes and luxury rigid boxes are my favorites why spend on them when you can get ultra-refined results by wholesale cardboard mailer packaging boxes?

Step 2: What are the print possibilities?

If you have a plain white or brown corrugated mailer box then obviously you get some limited print options. Nevertheless, you can print red, green, black, blue, yellow, and some dark colors on it. The white corrugated stock has some extensive options. These materials are used to make cheap mailer boxes aka custom mailer shipping boxes. These are the same boxes that are particularly used to deliver the products. But you can get high-quality digital pictures and results on cardboard + corrugated mailer boxes. Because their overlay is of cardstock which is the best to print offset colors and the inner pasted sheet is of corrugated material. Hence, this box is splendidly attractive and superbly sturdy at the same time. And when it comes to custom luxury rigid mailer boxes then you can get any type of printing embellishments that you want. You can have full-color printing in CMYK format, screen, foil printings, and many other adornments.

Step 3. Where to find a suitable mailer packaging supplier?

ing about the packaging company. Because a perfect supplier can make a lot of things easy for you. Sometimes, you need packaging products in the low MOQs then a big problem arises. Many of the packaging companies in the USA don’t entertain boxes below fifty units. And some of them quote very high prices. After all; this is the affordable mailer packaging that you need. There are some good suppliers around; who offer customized services or I will advise you to simply come to Packhit for your desired personalization and deliveries.

Step 4: Why inserts are good for you?

If you are not making a custom luxury mailer box with inserts then I recommend you consider packing the products with shipping peanuts.

These peanuts not only fill the voids but also protect the products during shipping. If these are not compatible, try bubble wrap.

This is how you make your products more presentable and safer while shipping. Insertions also enhance the style and magnify your branding image. You have the best options for mailer packaging boxes with custom-cut foam, kraft, or corrugated inserts.


Step 5: More elegance and modern methods of delivery

Medallions always attract me. Only their presence makes small mailer boxes, “big”! It is not a mighty deal. Ask the mailer box supplier to add one or a couple of medallions to your design. You can write some catchy lines i.e. “Premium Quality”, “Luxury Product”, or “Exclusive Offer”, etc. I don’t know; whether other packaging companies would charge for it or not. We had decided on the very first day that we would give “Free design support” to our clients. So, I have seen that clients are used to making, remaking, changing, altering, and adding things to their designs.


Isn’t it a handy help? You can anytime come across a need for instant change or addition in the design. And such assistance sometimes becomes very useful. The second remarkable suggestion is to have your own printed sealing tape. Oh, please don’t consider it a tiny tip. Printed tapes are very low-priced in America. You can get a bundle of them for a few bucks. And can be used for a long time. The sealing tape with your printed brand name creates a marvelous impact on the customers. When you deliver the products; somehow you have to tape up the box. Though you never need tape for a mailer box packaging for protected deliveries; you have to wrap it with sealing/duct tape.

And I never talked about “this one”; “Wax Sealed Logo”! Is it a new idea? No, it is an ancient trait. The wax seal is thousands of years the old trend to stamp envelopes and boxes. Kings used to post their orders with similar sealings. Why don’t you try them for your personalized printed mailer boxes? It makes your custom printed mailer box with the logo “special”. Yes, my perk is to make a stamp of your brand logo, after tipping up the box with printed sealing tape, you can thump it with a stamp and make you unbox “Royal” for your customers.

Now; if the pandemic is still wobbling around your State then you can also use drone deliveries to your customers’ locations. Personalized mailer boxes fully comply with air deliveries. This is a new era, use new techniques for sustainable growth. Mailers will help you securely.

I hope, this blog would have been a substantial help to you. Need more info about how to buy custom mailer packaging boxes? However, packaging manufacturers in the USA are in abundance. You are most welcome as well, at my place; Packhit!

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