Designing Custom Cream Boxes for Your Brand

Last updated on February 20th, 2024

Sometimes, businesses forget about good product packaging and only focus on the quality of their products. No doubt, the quality of the products also matters, but if its packaging isn’t up to mark, it can really hold back the brand’s reputation. Take the example of creams that come in different types of boxes. Creams are delicate, so their packaging also needs to be careful and well thought out. If a brand doesn’t use suitable and secure packaging for its high-quality cream products, would it sell well? The answer might be no. Many cosmetic brands nowadays are choosing to use custom-made boxes specifically designed for their creams. These special boxes bring a lot of benefits to the brand. They help the brand become recognizable, sell more products, stand out from the competition, and much more. However, the question remains: How can you design your own unique cream boxes that not only boost your brand’s image but also help you sell your creams more effectively? Let’s explore the answers!

Designing your Own Custom Cream Boxes Wholesale: Follow the Steps!

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll get to know how to design your own custom cream boxes efficiently.

Size of the Cream Matters A lot!

Measure the correct height, width, and length of the cream container that will go inside the box. This provides the baseline dimensions you need to accommodate. Write them down and try to select the boxes that align most closely with these dimensions. Also, keep some extra space for custom inserts and stuff like that. This is an important step that shouldn’t be ignored in order to design your cream boxes in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Choose the Materials for your Custom Cream Boxes:

Now, selecting the perfect packaging material for your custom cream boxes is also a very crucial step. Begin by assessing product sensitivity to factors like light and moisture, leading to options such as UV-coated paper or moisture-resistant cardboard. Align material choice with your brand values, be it eco-friendly options or premium finishes. Explore different packaging types like cardboard, paperboard, plastic, or metal, considering their benefits and limitations. Ensure the chosen material matches the cream product’s fragility for safe storage and transportation. Prioritize sustainability by choosing eco-friendly materials and seeking certifications. You must balance your brand’s budget considerations with desired quality and design aspects. And lastly, test the material compatibility to prevent potential issues. If you are uncertain even a little bit, seek guidance from packaging experts or suppliers.

Make it Appealing:

Now comes the point where your custom cream boxes can grab your customers’ attention even in a crowd because of their visual appeal. Work on their visual appeal and aesthetics. Let’s explore some key points in this procedure!

Custom Cream Boxes

Choose a Perfect Color Scheme:

Choose a color scheme that aligns with your brand’s identity and the product’s nature. Vibrant and cohesive colors can attract attention and create a memorable visual impact.

Printed Custom Header Cards:

Incorporate your brand’s logo, name, and tagline prominently on the box. Consistent branding helps customers recognize your product easily.

Use High-Quality Images and Graphics:

Use high-resolution images of your cream product on the packaging to provide a clear view of what’s inside. Engaging graphics and illustrations can also enhance the visual interest of buyers.

Go for Good Typographic Elements:

Select fonts that are easy to read while reflecting your brand’s personality. Typography plays a significant role in conveying information and aesthetics.

Consider Different Finishing Techniques:

Consider finishes like embossing, debossing, foil stamping, or spot UV coating to add texture and shine, making your packaging stand out on the shelf.

Incorporate Clear Information about Your Creams:

Present essential details such as product benefits, usage instructions, ingredients, and any certifications in a visually appealing manner. Easy-to-read text enhances customer understanding.

Go for a Minimalistic Design:

Sometimes less is more. A clean and minimalist design can create an elegant and sophisticated look that draws attention.

Custom Cream Boxes

Focus on Visual Hierarchy:

Arrange elements in a way that guides the viewer’s eye logically. Important information should be more prominent, helping customers quickly grasp the key details.

Incorporate Storytelling Elements:

Share your brand’s story or the product’s journey through visual cues. This connection can create a deeper emotional attachment with customers.

Maintain Consistency Across Packaging:

Maintain consistency in design, color, and branding across all your product packaging. This builds a unified and recognizable brand image.

Incorporate Interactive Packaging:

Incorporate interactive elements like peel-off tabs, die-cut windows, or hidden messages that engage customers and make the unboxing experience exciting.

So these were some design ideas to make your custom cream boxes visually more appealing and to grab your customers’ attention.

Ensure the Safety of Your Creams with secure packaging!

Besides enhancing the visual appeal of your products, make sure the packaging you design is safe enough to protect them from any kind of damage and harm. You can incorporate safety elements such as custom inserts to hold the creams tight, and add a special layer to the box to keep it safe from scratches. Inside the box, include papers with information about how to use the creams and what’s inside. Make sure the box is sealed well and safe from anyone trying to open it without permission. You can use fancy closures like magnets or pretty ties.

Talking to Specialized Custom Packaging Wholesale Suppliers

Once you’ve picked out the perfect designs for your custom cream packaging boxes and the right materials to use, you can easily reach out to a company that specializes in making custom cream packaging. No need to worry! You can get in touch with PackHit. We offer custom-printed boxes for cream packaging at really good prices if you want a lot.

Having a conversation with specialized suppliers is super important because it helps you create the perfect packaging you’ve been imagining. So, you can have custom-made boxes for your cream that look amazing and catch people’s attention. This will make more people recognize your brand when they see your product. And guess what? You’ll make more money because your cream boxes look so nice.

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