A Complete Guide: How You Can Adore Custom Mailer Boxes More?

Last updated on February 20th, 2024

Do you love pizza? I love it. Sometimes I think, even if I don’t get anything to eat, I can only live on pizzas. And at times I think that “Porto-Fino Pizza” will make me chubbier. Well, this is the best pizza parlor in the whole of New Castle, DE. Since I came in packaging, I got to know how I am receiving my pizza.

A cute boy comes on a red scooter, riding, no, it would be better to say, flying! This is a heartening scene to watch him delivering the pizza.

Every time I receive my favorite delight in a large brown box. This is a perfect mailer box. Well, we also know this box by the name; of a custom pizza box. These are genuine custom mailer boxes aka custom top fold boxes. Mailer shipping boxes are also famous for product deliveries across the globe. These boxes always attract me. Why? Simple! These are very easy to assemble. You don’t need any glue, tape, or adhesive to construct them. Just tuck its locks into the front box wall. And here you are. The box is tightly closed. And it is ready to send anywhere you want. This is one of the most secure boxes. Let’s, first talk about its signature look and assembling process. Read all the following contents.

What does a mailer box look like?

The first best thing happens when you receive them flat. Pick an unassembled box. Put it on a table. Fold it all over the walls. One by one, fold each of the creases. Turn its front and back flaps and fold them. Raise its sidewalls in their places. Fix them in their punch cut-holes. Close the lid. Tuck in the side locks/flaps in the side openings of the box. The box is ready to sell, ship, or deliver.

You can also use easy-fold fixtures to assemble the custom-made mailer boxes. This is very easy to put them together. And it does not take long to make them ready. You can conveniently make them in cardboard and corrugated materials. A combo box can also be made. I mean; you can make them in both cardstock and corrugated stocks. Want to know more about combo packaging? Give a short read to my previous blog, “How corrugated boxes are supporting the retail industry?” In short, I can tell you that a combination of cardboard and cardstock not only makes a visually beautiful box. It also develops them as one of the most durable boxes.


Let me write some words about cardstock. This is the kind of paper stock. This material comes in a lush white color. Its sturdiness is ideal to make and craft mailer boxes. We at Packhit make custom size mailer boxes in personalized densities. It is the prime aspect of this material that you can choose in your desired thickness.

Good news! if you need the cheapest custom mailer boxes; you can easily have them in kraft material. Kraft is the most affordable stock. Hence, you get the ideal, cost-effective solution for your retail-ready packaging.

Design the mailer box on your own

Customization provides you with complete freedom to personalize the box as you want to see it. You decide it’s every packaging level on your own. I have not seen vibrant mailer boxes. Most of the time; custom mailer boxes wholesale solutions are simple in their appeal. As people frequently use them for shipping purposes.

You can conceive the theme on your own. If you see e-commerce mailer boxes or monthly subscription boxes; you would come to know that these are usually simple. Most of the time; the logo is printed in one color and the descriptions in another tone. Retailers like to make them simple with only two or three colors.


As I mentioned earlier; you have the liberty to select the paper density, quality, and variety. Once, you decide on the stock; you can do a lot with its design. Find a suitable and skillful designer who can understand your brand. Once you finalize the mockup; it goes into the press.

Custom packaging manufacturers across the USA let you personalize many things even in the production stages. If you have given your box a single color; it can be printed in the offset format of CMYK or the screen print method can also be used. Usually, you enjoy this liberty when you have come up with a specific Pantone shade.

I have seen many retailers always want to highlight their logos as much as they can. I have some tremendous choices for you; do you want to spotlight your logo? Emboss it! This effect raises your logo from the surface. As you touch the box surface you can feel the bulged words or monogram of your company. If you don’t want this. Deboss it! This is how you get a punched effect of the logo. This is just like a compressing effect that you see. These both are remarkable options to apply. Spot UV gives a gloomy effect to your emblem.

Then there is foil printing, matte, and gloss lamination. You can use any of the more Add-ons.

E-commerce packaging with mailer boxes

Custom-printed mailer boxes are the best for online businesses. Because they have a higher protection level than many of the contemporary box styles. If you have an Etsy shop or you are selling commodities at Amazon then go for mailer packaging.

Ok, suppose you don’t choose mailer box packaging which are the other choices you have? Would you go for a simple two-piece box? You can make that in the style of a shoulder box or sleeve packaging style. I assure you that mailer boxes are the most convenient and secure option for e-commerce startups. The first reason is that these are single-piece die-cut mailer boxes. You only have to put it together and it gets ready for selling your things.

The side locks that tuck in the front wall of the box, secure the encasement at maximum and it all happens without any adhesive. So, if you are getting a one-piece box with an automatic system of closing and opening then why go for complicated and extended versions of packaging boxes? You can get personalized mailer packaging boxes with logos in bulk at unbelievably low prices.


This is all budget-friendly packaging. You can have cheap custom mailer boxes in all of your required sizes. If you have to stuff in their apparel, ties, socks, cosmetics, or food; you can place all. Use them for any of the purposes that you like.

One thing more; our economy has awakened. Don’t get shaky. What damage has COVID-19 done; the miserable days are fading. Let’s start a new one.

Hope I have covered the basic guidelines of customized mailer boxes. If you have more questions about this unique box; comment below. I will be happy to answer you. Cheers!

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