Custom Hang Tags

Buy custom printed hang tags to pack, present, organize, and ship your products to enhance your brand identity.

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Custom Hang Tags

Explore Stylish Custom Hang Tags for Product Branding and Packaging

Custom Tags Printing

Custom Tags Printing

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Custom Eco Friendly Hang Tags

Custom Eco Friendly Hang Tags

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Custom Retail Tags

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Get Custom Hang Tags to Promote Your Brand

Custom hang tags are durable in nature to provide aesthetic feel to your products. The materials for custom hang tags come with customization options to fit the product needs. The durable, lightweight, and portable properties of custom hang tags ensure the efficient organization, storage, and secure shipping of packaging products.

The custom hang tags are responsible for printability, logos, and branding by enhancing the visual appearance of product packaging. 

Custom hang tags include following features:

  • Customizable to fit product needs
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Lightweight, detachable, and portable
  • Printable logos and branding
  • Make easy organization of products
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Cost-effective and secure shipping
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Discover a wide range of designs, styles and materials to customize your hang tags.

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Choose our eco-friendly hang tags to promote your brand's sustainability values.

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Save money by buying custom hang tags at market competitive prices.

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Opt for high-quality hang tags made from premium materials and advanced printing methods.

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Experience swift order processing and fast delivery of custom hang tags.

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What is a Hang Tag?

A hang tag is a type of label made from different materials like card stock, fabric or plastic that is detachable unlike labels and stickers tied with products using a string or ribbon. 

Hang tags are easily removable because they are detachable, and are used to provide additional information about the product such as pricing details, manufacturing details, brand logos, barcodes, instructions, size and material details for products. 

Hang tags are made from different paper materials like card stock and kraft paper, and other materials like plastic, polyester, propylene, and fabric to match your brand. These hang tags can be customized in different shapes like circle, rectangle, rounded rectangle, square, oval, and different styles such as die-cut hang tags to match your brand. These hang tags can be designed using different printing approaches like holographic printing, digital printing and offset printing

You can customize hang tags in different shapes, styles and materials to meet your brand and product requirements.

Enhance Your Brand Recognition With Custom Hang Tags

Hang tags can be customized in any design, shape, style, and material to promote your brand. You can simply select the shape and style, and upload your branding elements such as graphics, logo, and text for product details while placing an order on

Branding options that we offer for custom hang tags to enhance your brand recognition include personalized features with different printing approaches like laser printing, inkjet printing, and offset printing and different finishing options such as lamination, matte finish, gloss finish, UV coating, embossing and debossing.

What Materials Are Hang Tags Made Of?

Hang tags are made from different durable and sustainable paper materials such as: 

  • Card Stock
  • White Paper
  • Kraft Paper

Paper material is preferred for tagging and packaging of products because it is lightweight, portable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective than other packaging materials. 

Other than paper materials, hang tags are also made from plastic, polyester (PVC), propylene (PP), and fabric materials to enhance your product packaging design and branding. 

Moreover, you can customize your product packaging hang tags with a variety of materials according to your branding, packaging and shipping requirements.

What Shapes and Styles Do Hang Tags Come In?

Hang tags come in different shapes and styles that are listed below:

  • Circle
  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Round rectangle
  • Die-cut
  • Banner

You can select from the above-mentioned shapes and styles or customize your hang tags for different industries like retail, cosmetics, food, apparel and fashion according to your product requirements.

What Printing Methods Can Be Used for Hang Tags?

The printing methods for custom hang tags vary based on desired quality, quantity and specific application. The most commonly used printing methods are listed below: 

  • Digital printing
  • Flexographic printing
  • Screen printing
  • Foil printing
  • Inkjet printing
  • Rotogravure
  • Lithography
  • Offset printing
  • Laser printing
  • Letterpress printing
  • 3D Printing

You can either choose from the printing techniques mentioned above or design hang tags according to your choice to promote your brand.

Organize Your Products With Our High-Quality Hang Tags

Our high-quality hang tags help in sorting and organizing the products by providing product information and product categorization. These hang tags are made from durable materials and designed specifically to withstand weather conditions that retain the readability of given product details. The external coating and finishing on custom hang tags protect the product information and maintain the aesthetic or visual feel of products.

Moreover, you can customize hang tags according to your product requirements ensuring safe storage and secure shipping. 

Efficiently Ship and Track Your Orders Through Hang Tags

Our lightweight and portable hang tags streamline logistics and efficient shipping because they are made from high-quality materials like paper, plastic, and fabric. These hang tags are compact, lightweight and secure for shipping and transport. 

Hang tags contain QR codes and NFC tags that assist in tracking the orders and providing updates about the shipping progress of orders.

Encourage Sustainability With Our Recyclable Hang Tags

Our paper hang tags are recyclable because they are made up of biodegradable material to preserve the environment. We also offer plastic, polyester and fabric material for hang tags that are durable in nature and provide efficient readability of product details.

Save Money With Our Cost-Effective Hang Tags

We offer high-quality hang tags at a lower price. If you want affordable hang tags without compromising the quality, order in bulk (minimum 100 and maximum 100,000) at the best wholesale price.

Benefits of Using Custom Hang Tags

The benefits of using high-quality custom hang tags are listed below:

  • Help in establishing brand identity by featuring logo and customization options such as design, shape, style and materials. 
  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal of product packaging that results in creating a cohesive customer experience.
  • Use to provide tailored product information, usage instructions, safety warning, and essential details on product requirements. 
  • Provide easy organization of products during storage and shipping through custom hang tags. 
  • Reduce the shipping cost with durable materials and bulk orders for your product packaging. 
  • Minimize waste by choosing biodegradable or recyclable materials and attract eco-conscious customers. 

The above-mentioned benefits and features of custom hang tags ensure durability, versatility, sustainability and affordability of product packaging.

Step Up Your Hang Tags Packaging With PackHit

Enhance your hang tags packaging with PackHit by selecting from a wide range of customization options such as design, shapes, styles and materials to match your product and brand. We offer hang tags made from durable and biodegradable materials to keep the products safe and secure during shipping. With advanced printed methods, PackHit guarantees vibrant prints using modern printing techniques to enhance visual appeal of hang tags.

Our hang tags are designed to organize and assist in product identification without compromising the quality. We optimize sustainability by using biodegradable materials to manufacture hang tags resulting in environmental impact. We ensure safe delivery and cost-effective hang tags at wholesale rates.

What is the Purpose of Hang Tags? 

The purpose of hang tags is to regulate branding and marketing and assist in organizing the products while maintaining their effectiveness and quality.

Are Custom Hang Tags Durable?

Yes, custom hang tags are durable in nature that can withstand rough handling during shipping and assist in labeling the products.

Can Custom Hang Tags Be Tailored to Specific Industry Needs?

Yes, custom hang tags can be tailored to meet specific needs of different industries such as retail, e-commerce, food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, apparel and fashion, cosmetics, stationary, and toys etc.

Can Custom Hang Tags Be Printed With Branding and Logos?

Yes, custom hang tags can be easily printed with logos and branding for an effective product packaging in order to enhance your brand recognition.

Can I Customize Hang Tags for My Product?

Yes, you can customize hang tags in different designs, shapes, styles, sizes, and materials for your product to stand out and enhance branding. 

Are Hang Tags Moisture-Resistant?

Yes, hang tags are moisture-resistant if laminated and coated with varnish to protect the products from dampness.

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