How to Display Action Figures in the Boxes to Inspire Your Buyers?

Last updated on February 20th, 2024

 “When it comes down to it, I’d rather have an action figure than a Golden Globe.” – Chadwick Boseman 

This quote from the late Black Panther star is a testament to the power of action figures. Children and adults alike are drawn to these collectible toy figures. Some want to collect them and some want to be them. They shape identities and perceptions. And if you’re an action figure manufacturer or seller you help craft those identities and perceptions. At some point in your action figure business journey, you might find yourself wondering how to display action figure packaging to inspire buyers.

What is the right way to showcase action figures in the display boxes? How best to display packaged action figures? Should you invest in specialized display action figure packaging? When there are so many people selling collectible action figures, how can you make your display stand out? We try to answer all these questions in this article. But first, let’s take a peek into the mind of an action figure buyer and collector to see what makes them buy action figures. Understanding your customers’ psychology helps you present your product just the right way to inspire buyers.


What Action Figures Mean To Your Customers

Have you ever loved something dearly? If you’re human the answer must be yes! But have you ever loved a movie or a book so much you wished to inhabit that world and spend more time with the characters? Well, that’s exactly what many fans experience. And action figures of their favorite characters are a way to keep them connected to their favorite worlds forever. Forever? What did you think only diamonds are forever? As it turns out, action figures are forever and some of them even cost more than diamonds as in the case of the rare Boba Fett action figure that sold for over $200,000.

Action figures are more than toys. What separates action figures from other toys is “their ability to shape, and reveal, the nature of their owners.” Sure kids love to play scenario games with their action figures, but playing with the figures helps them discover their own identities. Similarly, while adults may collect action figures for any number of reasons it can be a way of owning their own identities. The WWE Star Miz once said in an interview that it was looking at an action figure of The Rock that inspired him to join wrestling. Talk about identity formation!


The earliest action figures were Barbie and G.I. Joe in the 1960s and since then thousands of action figures have been created and loved by fans. While there are concerns over action figures perpetuating gendered stereotypes and unrealistic body images there are many new types of action figures with less gendered body types. For example, bobbleheads and Funko Pop action figures come with more neutral figures.

The simple fact of the matter is that people love action figures to bits. Many see them as pieces of art that they proudly display in their homes and offices. It even inspired one photographer to dedicate his entire career to action figure photography. Check out his Instagram for stunning pictures of action figures posing in highly detailed and creative settings.


There are as many action figures as there are interests. From comic book and superhero characters to sports stars and actors, as long as you’re interested in a fictional or non-fictional person chances are there will be an action figure out there. As a popular slogan from Funko Pop puts it “Everyone is a fan of something”. The latest action figure releases generate a lot of excitement among avid fans.

The release of Marvel’s She-Hulk naturally coincides with the release of an action figure.



Similarly, the popular Netflix show Stranger Things has its own action figures, unique for each season mind you!


Beatles fans get their own action figures!


Why Your Action Figure Box Matters

Now that you know how much your customers value their prized action figures it only follows that you present them in a way that captures their attention and inspires them to make a purchase. For this reason, your action figure boxes are crucial in deciding the value, demand, and recognition of your product. Here are some of the main benefits of box packaging for your action figures.

Brand Recognition

Picture this: a distinctive turquoise colored cardboard box with a white satin ribbon tied neatly on top. You won’t even have to look at Tiffany & Co. printed on top to recognize the iconic Tiffany box! Half of the brand’s value is in its unique packaging. So when you sell your action figure the box, the packaging, and the presentation matter a lot. A unique action figure box will go a long way in making your brand recognizable.

Product Protection

Action figures are made from a few different materials including metal, plastic, and magnets. Many action figures carry accessories as well. So it’s important to keep your action figures safe from harm and keep the parts intact while transporting. A sturdy box ensures the action figures remain protected.

Product Value

Collectible action figures can gain value over time especially if they are kept in mint condition. A good box is what protects the action figure from dust and damage and keeps them looking new even after years.

The Best Action Figure Boxes Mean More Sales

Human beings are visual creatures meaning that we process visual information faster. So it’s natural that a special design captures our eye and makes us interested. It’s no surprise that the best action figure boxes translate to more sales. All the more reason for you to focus on good packaging.

Why You Should Consider Custom Packaging

Unique Custom Packaging Stands Out

Pre-made packaging, while convenient, is not the best choice if you want your action figures to sell. If you have a unique action figure product then your packaging should also be unique and distinctive. Custom box packaging can help build brand recognition and make your products stand out from the rest. You can choose your own design for action figure boxes and let the packaging reflect your brand’s identity.

You Can Be Creative

If you’re a creative person, custom packaging is a great way to express your creative side and make your packaging special. Even if you’re not the creative sort and just want something easy, custom packaging can still be a great option. You can get your box professionally designed and fine tune the details to make a visually striking action figure box that appeals to your customers.

Why Do You Need an Action Figure Display Box?

An action figure display box or display case is a case that is meant to store and organize your action figures. These boxes or cases come in all types of shapes and sizes and are very versatile. Depending on their material and size, these action figure display boxes can be hung on walls, placed on tables, or tucked into shelves.

Okay, but why do you need an action figure display case? Well, there are two main functions of an action figure display case. One is to protect the action figures while you put them on display. Two, to present the action figures in the best light. Both of these reasons are very important for action figure sellers. You want to make your action figure display as appealing as possible and you want to keep the figures safe while you do that.

Many action figures are limited edition so it’s wise to keep your collectibles in a safe place. Action figures can also be easily breakable and can get damaged. Dust and moisture are also damaging. Therefore to keep the action figures safe and in mint condition, you have to display them in a way that protects them from harmful elements.

If you were to put your action figures in a locked cupboard they would surely be safe but that’s obviously not a desirable situation. After all, displaying the action figures is half the fun! So action figure display cases come in handy. Another benefit of action figure display cases is that it helps you organize your action figure collection and inventory. You can monitor each item and make your action figures look neat and well-organized. A wall mount can also create more space in your store for more action figures.

A wide variety of action figure display cases is available to choose from depending on your needs. There are glass boxes, acrylic boxes, clear boxes with lights, unbreakable plastic cases, plastic shelves, wooden shelves, metallic floating shelves, and bookcases. Your choice should depend on your store and collection size.

How To Display Action Figure Packaging?

Are you in a pickle over how best to display your action figures? It’s only a natural concern since the way you display your collectible figures has a direct impact on your sales. Displaying action figures is in itself an art and takes some practice before you can perfect it. If you’re new to this it can be a particularly terrifying prospect to hammer in a shelf or wall mount only to realize it’s crooked! But not to worry you can find the best way to display your action figures according to your store and space. Here are some of the ways in which you can display your action figure boxes.

Use Simple Ways To Display Action Figures On A Wall


If you’re looking for a simple and cheap method of displaying your action figures and don’t mind putting a hole in your wall, using nails or push pins will work for you. This method will only work for boxes that come with hanging hooks on the top. If you choose this method be sure to plan first using a pencil to mark a grid on your wall before using the nails or push pins.

b)Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks or clips provide the same style of hanging as nails but without poking a hole in your wall. They can simply stick to your wall and allow you to hang the action figure box. However, if your action figure box doesn’t fit flush against the wall because the box hook isn’t placed at the back edge of the box, then you’ll either have to look for longer hooks or use another method. Adhesive hooks can also peel off the paint when removed so you might want to keep that in mind.

c)Peg Boards

Using a peg board is a creative and relatively easy way of displaying your action figures. Of course, you’ll have to hang the peg board first but after that, it will be easy to neatly hang the action figure boxes.

Display Action Figures in Glass Cases or Clear Acrylic Cases

Glass cases are a great way to showcase the action figure collection at your store. They look elegant and beautiful. Having a mirrored backside adds to the charm of your action figures. These cases can be put in any part of your store and always look fancy. Another option is to use clear acrylic cases. These give the neat feeling of a glass case but are more durable. Being lightweight also means they are easy to move around.

Display Action Figures on Bookshelves

Bookshelves are not for holding books only. You can use a bookshelf to organize and display your action figures. These are great for large collections and your action figures can fit in snugly and look dazzling because bookshelves are made for grabbing attention!

Display Action Figures on Floating Shelves

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your action figures that draw attention, then floating shelves make for an excellent choice. Floating shelves may be wooden or another material. These are also great for displaying your open action figures or posing them in a creative setting. Floating shelves with a fancy action figure display are sure to catch your customers’ eye.

Display Action Figures on Wall Mounted Display Cases and Cabinets

Do you want to protect your action figure boxes from dust? Then wall mounted display cases or cabinets are ideal for you. These cases and cabinets are enclosed and come with a glass door so your action figures are clearly visible as they remain safe. When getting a wall mounted cabinet be sure to consider the cost (as these are more expensive than regular shelving) and weight.


The objective of your action figure display should always be to invite the customer to purchase their favorite character’s action figure. There is no single best way to display your action figure boxes. The answer always depends on your space, budget, and convenience. The best way to display action figures is always what works well for you. If you want a simple method using nails or adhesive hooks will do the job, if you want to make a statement then a glass case or floating shelves will be great, and if you want to avoid regular dusting then an enclosed wall mounted display case will be best. Whichever method you choose, make sure it looks neat and attractive. Your customers should be able to feel the value of the action figure inside the box through your display. Happy showcasing!

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