How Many Types of Soap Wrapping Paper?

Last updated on February 20th, 2024

Did you know how many types of soap wrapping paper there are? Are you confused about selecting a custom soap wrap or which type of paper/material is best for your soap packaging? I have something to share with you that will be very informative. I will explain below the different types of soap wrapping paper mostly used in the industry:

Kraft (Card + Paper) soap wrapping paper

Kraft paper is made of wood pulp giving it a brownish look and making it eco-friendly. Using kraft material is one of the best ways of packaging.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary!

Products that are eco-friendly have been designed to do the least amount of destruction to the natural environment as is practically possible.

Generally, kraft paper allows 1 or 2 color printing. You can do 4 color printing as well but you can’t do lamination on kraft paper. It is an affordable soap wrapping material. Kraft paper can be used for purposes apart from wrapping soap. It can be dressed up. In fact, my preferred method to use Kraft paper is to add metallic elements to the finished label, such as a metallic stamp or basic line painting with glitter or metallic gel ink. Furthermore, natural materials such as leaves, twigs, and even shells look fabulous with kraft paper!

Kraft paper is a very popular soap packaging material because it allows you different add-ons like die-cut and windows. With unique and perfect printing you can showcase your soap for a better experience for your customer.

Die-Cut Window and PVC Window Glued Add-ons

Kraft paper allows you to different add-ons which give your soap a very appealing look and is also better for the customer experience. You can go with any add-ons like a die-cut rectangle window or a round, oval-shaped window is a unique way to display your soap. Let your customers see and smell your soap with different die-cut window styles. To make your soap more attractive you can choose PVC glued windows.

Art Paper Soap Wrapping

Art Soap Wrapping Paperis one of the most popular papers used for packaging purposes. It might be C1S or C2S. The term is used in the packaging industry as one side coating(C1S) and two side coating(C2S). C2S coating is made to protect the product’s moisturizing. It makes the paper smooth and shiny. The coatings may be of the following:

  • Gloss Coating – Gloss coating paper is a highly shiny coating.
  • Satin Coating – A satin coating is a less shiny coating than a gloss paper coating.
  • Matte Paper Coating – A matte coated paper is non-glossy flat appearing with a less shiny coating.
  • Dull Paper Coating – A dull paper coating is a less glossy, smooth looking surface coating.

There are many other coatings available in the market but the above are mostly using coatings.

Art paper has many advantages as it improves the whiteness of the paper and also gives it a short time water-resistant ability. The smoothness of the art paper is particularly significant when used for printing; the smoother the cardboard, the higher the image quality due to better ink coverage.

Art Paper Soap Wrapping Add-ons

Art Paper also allows you to the different add-ons like die-cut windows and different foiling and spot UV. You can also choose Holographics foiling as an add-on.

Wax or Butter Soap Wrapping Paper

Usually, the wax or butter paper is coated with soybean or paraffin wax. Wax paper is also known as greaseproof paper. Due to the silicone coating, the wax paper is heat-sensitive paper. It is available in the market as pre-cut rolls. You can print wax paper with beautiful printing designs.

Custom Soap Wraps

Parchment Soap Wrapping Paper

Parchment paper is coated with silicone which makes it a nonstick, heat-resistant surface. Parchment paper also comes in pre-cut rolls. Parchment paper has many advantages over wax paper. Silicone coating makes parchment paper heatproof. In parchment paper, you also have the option of different packaging designs.

In Soap Wrapping Paper, wax paper and parchment wrapping papers are used. They both have almost the exact specification. You can go with any one of them according to your soap preferences.


To give your brand an attractive look you can design your soap wraps according to your brand’s needs. You can print your company’s logo and ingredients on the wraps which gives your customers a different experience. In case you need some customizations and printing designs that you can’t do or want to go with outsourcing, you need to choose a well-reputed custom packaging company. PackHit is one of the best leading packaging companies that provide its customers best customizations and free delivery all over the USA and Canada.

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