8 Creative Cardboard Ammo Packaging Templates: An Essential Guide

Last updated on February 20th, 2024

There is no doubt that product packaging matters a lot. In fact, product packaging is a vast field with many advances in the last few decades. Cardboard packaging can be efficiently produced while being cost effective. Smart companies pay attention to their packaging in order to make their products a success and establish their brand identity. The case is no different when it comes to ammunition. Cardboard ammo box packaging is important for branding as well as product safety. If you’re confused about ammo box designs and looking for the right cardboard ammo box template, you’re at the right place. We’ll share the different packaging styles and by the end of the article, you’ll have more clarity on ammo box templates and box styles.

Custom Ammo Boxes

Finding the right template for a cardboard ammo box can be challenging. There are a number of concerns to be addressed for your ammo. Will the box be right for your ammunition? How many rounds can it contain? Will the ammo be safe from physical and environmental impacts? The right packaging is the one that meets all your needs and allows you to customize it.

Custom Cardboard Ammo Boxes

Choosing custom cardboard ammo packaging should be your top priority if you wish to make the most of your ammo packaging. Custom ammo packaging is available in multiple styles and the boxes can easily be customized with your branding details. With custom packaging your ammo fits perfectly inside the box, keeping it secure. Custom boxes can have inserts or trays for added protection. Most importantly custom ammo packaging is efficient and makes sense financially for being cost effective. Also Read: Where To Buy Cardboard Ammo Boxes

Cardboard Ammo Packaging Templates

Are you ready to find your ideal ammo box template? We’ve gathered a number of ammo box templates for you. Let’s begin.

Auto Bottom Box Style

Auto Bottom Box is a very convenient style of box for ammo packaging. Also called auto lock bottom box or tuck top auto lock bottom box, these boxes are very easy to assemble. This style of the box comes with tuck flaps on the top end and an automatic lock mechanism at the bottom end. These boxes are shipped and stored flat which saves space and lowers cost. When the boxes are set up with just a light squeeze, the bottom end is sealed and able to support heavier items. The top tuck end makes it easy to add and remove items. This style of box is durable and compact in shape.

Ammo Box

Free Downloadable ammo box template for auto bottom box

Auto Lock Box Template

Here is an ammo box template for an auto bottom box that you can download for free and customize according to your needs.

Snap Lock Bottom Box Style

Snap lock bottom boxes are also a good choice for packaging ammo. These are also called 1-2-3 bottom boxes due to the three step folding process. The top end is usually a tuck end while the bottom is made of interlocking flaps. This bottom locking system provides tight closure and strength.

Snap Lock Bottom Ammo Boxes

Snap lock boxes are durable and keep the ammo from accidentally falling out. It can be easily filled with a hand or machine. These are also shipped flat so minimum storage requirements. These are easily customizable to suit your ammo brand.

Free Downloadable ammo box template for snap lock bottom box

Snap Lock Box Template

Here is an ammo box template for a snap lock bottom box that you can download for free and customize.

Tuck End Paper Box Style

Tuck end boxes are the most well-known types of boxes used extensively across industries. Though simple in style, tuck end boxes make for effective packaging for ammunition. Tuck end boxes come with tuck flaps on top and bottom. There are two types of tuck end boxes: straight tuck end boxes and reverse tuck end boxes. The main difference between the two styles is that the flaps tuck in the same direction for the straight tuck box and in the opposite direction for the reverse tuck box. Tuck boxes can be assembled manually or by machine and are shipped flat.

Custom Ammo Boxes

These boxes are a great option design wise because they provide two plain sides for design on the top and bottom. Tuck boxes are more suitable for lighter products so they’ll be more suitable for packing a smaller number of bullets.

Tuck End Ammo Boxes

Free Downloadable ammo box template for tuck end boxes

Straight Tuck End Ammo Box Template

Here are two free ammo box templates for tuck end boxes that you can download and customize according to your brand requirements.

Drawer Box Style

A drawer box is a very stylish packaging option for ammo. It is also known by many other names such as tray and sleeve box, slide open box, slide out box, and cardboard matchbox. These types of boxes are often used for gift box packaging for premium items.

Drawer Box Style for Ammo
Drawer Box Style for Ammo

The top sleeve glides over an inside tray. The tray may contain inserts for added protection. This style of box is strong and offers significant protection to the items inside. The drawer boxes are usually made with rigid cardboard and the inside tray often has a ribbon attachment or rope pull for opening the box.

Free Downloadable ammo box template for drawer boxes

Tray & Sleeve Ammo Box Template
Tray & Sleeve Ammo Box Template

Here is a downloadable ammo box template for a drawer box that you can download for free and customize for your brand.

Top And Bottom Box Style

The top and bottom box is a suitable packaging options for a variety of ammo. It is also known as a two piece box, box with cover, or detachable lid rigid setup box.

The bottom piece is a tray like box that stores the ammo with some form of insert while the top piece is like a cover or lid that can be completely removed from the bottom piece. This style of box is popularly associated with luxury packaging.

Two Piece Cardboard Ammo Boxes
Two Piece Cardboard Ammo Boxes

Free Downloadable ammo box template for top and bottom box

Two Piece Ammo Box Template
Two Piece Ammo Box Template

You can find an ammo box template below for a top and bottom box to download and customize.

Corrugated Box With Perforation Line

A corrugated box with a perforation line is a very versatile storage and shipping box that can double as a type of display box. A perforation line refers to a series of small holes in the paperboard so that a part of the box can be torn off with ease. This means that customers can easily take products out of the box. Perforation line can be made in all types of materials but it is most suitable for strong corrugated paperboard. These types of boxes are great for shipping, the sturdy material keeps the ammo secure during transportation. When the box reaches the store, the retailers can tear the box along the perforated line and use it as a display box. Also Read: How Much Ammo in A Box and How Much Does An Ammo Box Weigh?


Finding the right cardboard ammo box template can be a challenge when there are so many different styles of cardboard packaging for ammunition available out there. We hope that looking through our selection of cardboard ammo packaging templates will give you clarity on what kind of packaging will be suitable for your brand. You can also download the templates and customize them yourself. We recommend that the best way to approach your ammo packaging is to consult a reputed packaging company that specializes in custom cardboard ammo boxes. Your ammo boxes say a lot about your ammo brand. With the right box, you can convey the right message to your customers.

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