Will Custom Header Cards Help My Business?

Last updated on February 20th, 2024

Running a business is no easy job. You have to make sure each aspect of your business operation runs smoothly. A successful business is made by a series of good decisions. Decisions that positively impact the future of the business. One such decision is the choice of packaging. Good packaging makes a big difference for your products and how they are received. Custom header cards are a unique and convenient style of packaging. When customized for your products, header cards can make your products a hit. If you’re on the fence about choosing header cards for your products, this article will help you make an informed choice.

Smart Packaging Solution

Imagine you’re going for an interview. How would you dress? How did you dress the last time you went for an interview? Chances are you dressed up nicely in a formal way. Why? To make a good first impression, right? If you run your own business, chances are you’ve conducted some job interviews yourself. Did you judge the candidates by the way they presented themselves? We can’t help it. Even if you don’t believe in judging people by their looks, the way someone dresses and presents themselves does make some impact. It forms a first impression that is often hard to shake.

In the same way, your products make an impression on your customers. They might not even realize this when out shopping, but people’s purchase decisions are more often than not driven by how attractive they find a product’s packaging. People associate the quality of your products with the packaging quality. This means that even if you are offering a first-rate product if the packaging is not great, the customer will perceive it to be of lower quality. If you want them to believe your product is any good, you have to invest in good packaging.


The thing is it is not always an affordable or wise choice for small businesses and new startups to invest in high-quality packaging. In fact, the packaging is just one aspect of the business. Similarly, businesses struggling in a competitive market also want to minimize their costs to make a profit. So what is to be done? The solution is to find good packaging that is also economical. Using header cards, or bag toppers as they are commonly called is an excellent idea for packaging your products. They are simple to use, economical, and highly customizable. If you have a product that can be packaged in a bag, custom header card packaging is just the right packaging solution for you.

How Custom Header Cards Can Help Make Your Business Successful

Custom printed header cards have many qualities that are a plus for businesses looking for more profitability and long-term success.

Brand Recognition

What do a tick mark, a half-eaten apple, and a castle have in common? Well, they make for the logos of some of the world’s most successful and recognizable brands!

In today’s highly competitive retail market, brand recognition is the most highly valued asset for a business. Customized packaging allows you to build brand recognition that will help your business be really successful.

Attract Potential Customers

Retail shelves are super busy with thousands of products competing for customers’ attention. What really draws them in is good packaging design. Creatively designed custom header cards can capture customer attention, and invite them to give your product a chance even if they’ve never tried it before.

Retain Customers

Without a custom header card, a customer will not be able to remember your product and brand. If they give your product a chance and they like it, customized packaging will help them find your product again. We subconsciously associate our experiences with images and colors. With a good header card design, you can use this fact to your advantage and help make users form a positive association with your branding.

Product Display

Header cards come with holes punched in the card, which makes your product easy to hang on display shelves. This further helps your products grab attention.

Cost-effective Packaging

Perhaps the most important benefit of header cards is that they are cost-effective. They provide the benefits of good packaging without affecting your budget. Because you only cover the top part of your bag with the header card, customers can still get a clear view of what’s inside. So you get the customization benefit while also keeping your products visible.


Increase Sales

The goal of good packaging is ultimately to increase sales and positively impact the bottom line. Well-designed custom header cards allow your business to make more profit by increasing your sales. Every business wants that outcome! So if boosting sales is your objective, then it’s time to give custom header cards a try.

Are Custom Header Cards Right For Your Business?

As long as your products come in a bag, whether it’s a poly bag, cloth bag, or jute bag, header cards are a good way to seal your bag and add a touch of style and elegance to your product. Header cards or custom bag toppers are popular across a wide range of industries for an assortment of products. They are more suitable for lightweight items that can be hung on display walls. They are an excellent packaging choice for jewelry items, hardware tools, stationery items, gift bags, pet products, cosmetics, and food items like candy, nuts, cookies, etc.


Packaging is one aspect of business that can make or break your product. People will undoubtedly associate the quality of your packaging with the quality of your product. Using custom header cards is a wonderful way to improve your packaging experience while also staying within budget. They are an economical and highly convenient way of packaging lightweight products. There is no shortcut to success in business, but trying custom header cards for your products might just be the way to unlock massive success for your brand.

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